Welcome to Safe-Escape!!


Safe-Escape is a collaborative support effort lead by volunteers who provide 3 alternative avenues, whose aim is to support, assist and ensure that people from the LGBTQ Community and its supporters have a safe and relaxed environment to be themselves, and socialize whilst making new friends.

The three avenues in which we provide as a collaborative support group, are:

  • A Safe Teen Space
  • A Safe Lesbian Getaway
  • A Safe Gay Society

We are a safe, judgment free community offering help and support to anyone who needs a friend or someone to talk to.

It is our goal to ensure that we provide a free comprehensive range of services to anyone within or beyond the LGBTQ community with a distinct and serious focus on moral support, friendship and suicide prevention through various means, whether this be through direct chat support with one of our friendly and loving operators or by assisting in referrals to local support agencies.


 News & Updates:

We are currently undergoing maintenance to improve our website.
We understand this is causing disruptions, however thank you for your understanding and remaining patient.